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Secure your smart
contracts with Audit Wizard.

Audit Wizard is a first-of-a-kind platform that unifies all the essential tools for auditing smart contracts. Built by security engineers, Audit Wizard enables you to secure your code seamlessly.


The web3 security landscape is complex and ever-evolving. Experience a seamless user interface with Audit Wizard—an all-in-one solution combining static code analysis, PoC testing, AI threat modeling, automatic audit report generation, and more—no downloads required.


Import smart contracts from GitHub, contract address, and your favorite audit contest and bounty platforms.

IDE View

Audit Wizards has an IDE-style view, providing a suite of security tools in an intuitive environment. Use the shortcuts you’re familiar with alongside our elevated UX.

Map things out clearly

Generate graphs of function calls and contract dependencies, or diagram attack flows on your whiteboard.

One click tools

Audit Wizard provides all the web3 security tools you need just a click away. Scan for vulnerabilities, leverage AI to find vulnerabilities, execute PoC tests, and more. See a complete list of our features in our Docs.


10x your security skills with AI

Audit Wizard has powerful AI features built in. Explain contracts, build a threat model, and create your security reports with one click.

Built by engineers

Built by Security Engineers

Built by auditors, Audit Wizard is engineered to streamline every aspect of your work. Our team

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