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The all-in-one web3 security platform

Audit Wizard is the ultimate platform for web3 security work. Import smart contracts, scan for vulnerabilities, automatically generate audit reports, and more - just one click away. Revolutionize your workflow today!


The web3 security landscape is complex and ever-evolving. Experience a seamless user interface with Audit Wizard—an all-in-one solution combining static code analysis, code visualization, AI threat modeling, automatic audit report generation, and more. No downloads required.


Explore solidity abstract syntax trees to get insight on code patterns

Map things out clearly

Generate graphs of function calls and contract dependencies.

Seamless note taking

Throw thoughts and ideas into your projects for follow up and reporting

One click reports

Look like a pro to your boss or clients with digestible and sleek reports


Import code from anywhere

Audit Wizard allows you to import code and dependencies from Github, Etherscan, and bug bounty platforms like Code4rena and Immunefi.


10x your security skills with AI

Audit Wizard has powerful AI features built in. Explain contracts, build a threat model, and create your security reports with one click.

Engineered to streamline every aspect of your work

Our platform is built with features you care about. Let us know what is important to you.

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