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About Audit Wizard

What is Audit Wizard?

Audit Wizard is an all-in-one web3 security tool designed to improve the work of auditors, developers, and security engineers. Audit Wizard combines all the necessary security tools for evaluating smart contracts into an intuitive web-based IDE.

Who is Audit Wizard for?

Audit Wizard makes security accessible to developers, auditors, and bug bounty hunters. We’ve built the platform for everyone, with standout features for each profile:

Bounty hunters/ Competitive auditors

Audit Wizard makes bug bounty hunting and participating in audit contests easy. Our tool enables you to import contests from Code4rena and Hats Finance, with more platform integrations coming soon! Eventually, you will be able to import from bounty/contest platforms and submit to them natively within Audit Wizard.


Audit Wizard has been built with the auditor in mind. Say goodbye to multiple programs, windows, setups, and notepads. Audit Wizard makes your entire auditing process just a click away, allowing you to focus on finding critical vulnerabilities. Audit Wizard has automatic audit report generation built-in. Simply add findings to your notes and generate your report! Audit Wizard will support custom audit report templates soon.


Developing with security in mind is critical in web3. Audit Wizard can be leveraged by developers to examine their code for vulnerabilities before deployment. Security can seem overwhelming at first, but Audit Wizard makes it easy to understand. Eventually, we will be releasing a developer-focused version of the tool - allowing developers to pre-audit their code.

What features does Audit Wizard have?

Audit Wizard is packed with essential tools to make your security work easier. We are actively adding more features every day in addition to providing:

  1. One-click imports: Import projects and their dependencies from Github, Etherscan, contract addresses, Code4rena, and Immunefi. We will be supporting more platforms for imports soon.
  2. AST: Construct an abstract syntax tree of your contracts to help you create scanning rules.
  3. Graph: Visualize both the function and contract scopes of contracts. These visualizations are helpful for understanding code.
  4. Scan: Run Slither to search for vulnerabilities with one click. We will be supporting Mythril and Pyrometer soon, alongside the ability to write custom scanning rules.
  5. AI: Use AI to help you understand the code, as well as to create a threat model to help search for vulnerabilities.
  6. Notes: Take notes on code, which are used to generate audit reports automatically. We will be adding a more rich note-taking and report-generating experience soon!
What languages does Audit Wizard support?

Audit Wizard is currently optimized for Solidity. However, the core product is language agnostic. We will be optimizing for multiple languages soon. Have a suggested feature or language we should support? Let us know! 


Joe Van Loon
Co-founder and CEO

Previously a security engineer for both Apple and Amazon, Joe brings years of web2 security experience to Auditware.

Brendan Shakeshaft
Co-founder and COO

Previously an operations manager at Filecoin, Brendan brings years of web3 experience to the team.

Aidan Kaiser
Development Lead

Prior to working at Auditware, Aidan was a full-stack web2 developer at a financial services company building and deploying production ready & scalable applications.

Tom Dunn
UX/UI Design

Bringing a decade of SaaS and marketing experience. Tom has previously worked with teams like Buffer and over 100 freelance clients.

Salman Fazal
Front-end engineer

Sam is a front-end engineer with experience developing complex, high profile web applications. Sam specialises in JavaScript, React/Next, Redux and Firebase.