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Audit Wizard Beta Launch

August 21, 2023

After months of building and iterating, we’re excited to release the Audit Wizard beta! Let’s dive in 👇

Check out our Docs for the complete Audit Wizard feature overview!


The Audit Wizard beta includes a number of new features, stability increases, and UI improvements. The goal of Audit Wizard is to be the easiest and fastest way to perform smart contract audits. It's built to give auditors and developers superpowers. Read more about the Beta changes below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord!

AI Insights

Our improved AI functionality allows you to analyze and explain complex codebases. Get a head start on creating your threat-model by exploring potential security threats generated by AI. We’ve also added the ability to chat with AI, where you can get security insights, with the context of your code in mind.

Expanded Slither Support

We now support Foundry for one-click Slither scans. Results from dependencies have also been filtered out from Slither to remove unnecessary results. Slitherin, an extended version of Slither with even more vulnerability detectors, has also been added to increase scanner coverage.

Better Report Generation

We’ve improved report generation usability. This includes inline annotations (bookmarks), and improving findings - allowing you link findings to lines of code.

Findings: Using the 'Add finding' tool, you can add security findings. Each finding includes a title, code location (highlight affected code), severity, description, and recommendation. Once you create a finding, it can be viewed within the 'Findings' list. Entries within this list can be filtered by severity, edited, or deleted at any time. In addition to being displayed within the 'Findings' list, entries are automatically added to your audit report.

Reports: Once you've added your findings and are ready to deliver your audit report, toggle to the Audit Wizard report editor. Your findings have been automatically added to your audit report and are ready to be exported. Click 'Generate Report' when you are ready to export your audit report. A generated audit report document will download to your browser.

One-Click Imports & Better UX

We now support one-click imports for Code4rena, Sherlock, and Hats Finance. You can continue to import from GitHub repos (now including private repos via access token), mainnet contract addresses, and mainnet Etherscan links. We’ve also made a handful of UX improvements and stability upgrades, including persistence improvements so you can pick up exactly where you left off. Additionally, AI responses are faster, and results are now streamed.


We're excited to release the Audit Wizard Beta to make security work easier for auditors, bounty hunters, and developers. Please share your feedback and feature suggestions with us on Discord. We're actively adding requested features - help us make the best web3 security tool for you. Thanks for testing! - The Audit Wizard Team.