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Core Features of Audit Wizard

June 20, 2024

Audit Wizard is a first-of-a-kind platform that unifies all the essential tools for auditing smart contracts. Built by security engineers, Audit Wizard enables you to secure your code seamlessly.

Here, we introduce our core features: AI, test writing, static analysis, project imports, and graph visualizations.

Audit Wizard’s AI Assistant

Import smart contracts into the platform and instantly chat with AI about security concerns, ask it any question about your code, or have it write a unit test for you. We also have pre-written AI queries available to get you started.

Here, an auditor asks AI to analyze the race condition in this smart contract:

Run tests for your smart contracts in seconds

Don't spend your time writing tests, let Audit Wizard do the job for you in seconds. In our platform, you can run tests on all file types, including non-Foundry tests!

Use our testing feature to:

  • prove vulnerabilities
  • prevent regression issues
  • save time while maintaining confidence in the results

Built-in static analyzers

Audit Wizard's built-in scanners, 4nalyz3er and Slither, help smart contract auditors...

  • quickly take care of low-hanging fruit
  • prioritize flagged bugs
  • run additional detectors (via Slitherin)

One-click project imports

We support contract imports from any chain, or via GitHub repository url.

Visualize your Audit with our Graph Tool

With Audit Wizard's graph feature, immediately see how the functions of your smart contracts interact with each other and easily dive into the code behind each branch.

Get Audit Wizard in seconds and try all these features out for free. What feature do you think should be added next? Let us know on our Discord channel.