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Tenderly Transaction Simulations Have Arrived in Audit Wizard

July 1, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that our partnership with Tenderly is live! Now, you can use Audit Wizard to simulate transactions in a new feature powered by Tenderly.

How does the Audit Wizard - Tenderly simulation tool work?

Tenderly is a full-stack Web3 infrastructure. Our integration focuses on Tenderly’s transaction simulator, which allows users to simulate execution of transactions and explore outcomes before sending them on-chain by changing relevant parameters.

With this feature, auditors and developers can understand the behavior of a smart contract as a whole, including all of its external interactions (price oracles, on-chain state, contract dependencies, etc.), without having to step into the source code. Simply by changing the parameters of the simulation, whether that’s the timestamp, wallet address, or transaction amount, users can see exactly how a scenario would play out on-chain. Together, Audit Wizard and Tenderly provide a seamless simulation experience that makes finding bugs and testing edge cases more accessible for any Web3 auditor.

In its first iteration, the simulation tool is only compatible with projects imported by contract address.

The future of the Audit Wizard - Tenderly Simulation Tool

This release is just the beginning of Tenderly capabilities available within the Audit Wizard platform. In the future, we plan to support batch transactions, simulated debugging of trace outputs, and support non-contract address project imports.

See it for yourself

Import a project into Audit Wizard in 1 click and try the Tenderly-powered simulation tool  out for yourself! Audit Wizard users who try the feature out will receive an exclusive badge.

Don’t forget to join our Discord and let us know how it goes. We love hearing from you!